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Afghan president will not attend NATO summit更多>>
The average density of PM2. 2020-10-17
With a lack of international talents, Chinese technology SMEs must adopt a smart and globalized administration system to catch up with their international peers. 2020-10-9
BEIJING - Chinese entrepreneurs are not as confident about the macro economy as they were in the previous quarter, said a quarterly survey by Chinas central bank Thursday. 2020-10-6
In 2014, it will be able to admit students from all 31 provincial regions on the Chinese mainland. 2020-10-3
Working with governments and public stakeholders globally, its policy team supports companies dealing with digital issues, including data privacy, data security and intellectual property. 2020-10-18
Salaries are generally low for staff in public hospitals, which dominate the nations health service market. 2020-10-31
But their monopolies in many sectors shut out smaller market entities and lead to low efficiency and poor service. 2020-10-27
Along with Dianping, a competitor, the two sites have stood out among thousands of group buying sites in China. 2020-10-15
Trump should be shown the complexity of Chinas reality更多>>
Say youre one of the 600,000 foreigners expected to attend the World Cup in Brazil, where hardly anyone speaks a language besides Portuguese, and you find yourself in the hospital and unable to communicate with the doctor. 2020-10-28
The smaller leftist parties Podemos and United Left and the green party Equo, which together took 20 percent in the European vote, all called on Monday for a referendum on the monarchy. 2020-10-29
3 billion yuan in the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, according to the regions civil affairs authorities. 2018-4-15
The market for high-end retail is mature in the country. 2017-7-27
Visitors stroll in the old town of Fenghuang on Saturday evening. 2016-12-20
[Photo by Gao Yu/ Provided to ]The construction, renovation and expansion of the Sichuan-Tibet Highway, or 318 State Highway, has brought business opportunities and improved the lives of to a mountainous county in a Tibetan-inhabited area of Southwest Chinas Sichuan province. 2015-1-22
More than 180,000 officials were punished by disciplinary authorities last year, an increase of 13. 2019-2-31
Some of them might make you laugh and make Cameron frown. 2017-3-2
We will take action against those who want to throw Turkey into chaos with political plotting, said Davutoglu, one of the purported figures heard in the recording of the high-level meeting.
The administration has asked the Yibin airport in Sichuan province, the nearest airport to the quake-hit county of Yiliang in Yunnan, to operate around-the-clock to handle aid flights.
The officials names and titles were publicized on the commissions website.
In 2012, 399,600 Chinese students went abroad to study.
Camerons speech was heckled by two anti-EU young men who suddenly stood up holding up a banner saying CBI=Voice of Brussels and chanted slogans lambasting the organization for what they claim is a pro-EU stance.
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As tourism in China is booming, we will be fully devoted to these two segments, Deng said.  3 US dollars) ticket sold, 30 yuan should be reserved for the temple.
On March 14, the bank put the brakes on QR code payments as well as virtual credit cards expected to be launched by China CITIC Bank jointly with Alibaba’s Alipay and Tencents Tenpay, both third party online payment platforms.  Under the new guidelines, however, the time lapse between diagnosis and the start of ART treatment at the You An Hospital is only about two weeks, a drop from about two months, he said.
Economic pickup in sight after pandemic shock: China Daily editorial更多>>
According to Cheng, the 2017 CIFTIS will show more than 1,000 projects in the Africa-themed exhibition. 2016-2-11 
Premier Li Keqiang attended the meeting along with Liu Yunshan, a member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, and Vice-Premier Zhang Gaoli. 2018-3-27 
Asian RMB hubs had improved their position in the global rankings, particularly Taiwan and Singapore. 2016-5-18 
He left Mumbai earlier on Wednesday after a visit to India. 2017-12-4 
Asia-Pacific region trade ministers made a series of important agreements at their two-day meeting, including finalizing a road map for the creation of a free trade area, senior officials said on Sunday. 2017-7-20 
If the lawyers find any signs of torture, they report to the prosecutors at the detention houses or the superior public security authority, Li said. 2015-8-6 
However, the address did not respond to the visits, so there have not been reports of any personal information leaks, Song said. 2018-12-31 
  Big data industry signs big deals at expo更多>>
BEIJING - Chinas table-salt price will remain stable and keep within a low price range due to large stockpiles and overcapacity, the top economic planner said Wednesday. 2018-6-16 
Also making its China debut is the Qoros eBIQE Concept, an innovative electric bike design and connectivity showcase. 2017-9-1 
The service robot segment has seen remarkable growth in recent years. 2016-3-24 
Last year, CPPCC National Committee members submitted 5,375 proposals. 2018-3-24 
The system, which developers are hoping to have ready for Christmas 2015, can be connected to an iPod or other gadgets and would allow the user to navigate through software programs using facial expressions, such as a raised eyebrow, a stuck-out tongue, a wiggle of the nose or by clenching teeth. 2015-12-16 
3 percent growth in energy consumption, according to Yan. 2019-8-20 
Adili Wuxor walks on a 350-meter-high wire without any safety device in Xiangxi Tujia and Miao autonomous prefecture in Central Chinas Hunan province, Sept 15, 2012. 2016-3-14 
All I want for Christmas is...更多>>
The ambassador said more than half of the population is engaged in productive labor. 2018-9-20 
The major channels for spreading pornographic content online include website portals, social networking sites, cloud storage sites and instant messaging apps. 2019-4-12 
These are carefully screened to eliminate genetic drawbacks. 2017-4-1 
Its the first time concrete rules have been proposed to prohibit the eating of endangered wildlife. 2015-9-22 
The internet has inclusiveness, openness, and connectivity. 2017-1-21 
Its a highly valued brand in the United States that is very affordable. 2017-3-21 
While aware of his duty to report the matter to police, Zhang told officers he had not intended to flee the scene of the accident. 2016-5-19 
The 2014 referendum was conducted on Sunday from 0800 to 2000 local time, with 1,205 polling stations collecting votes cast by some 1. 2015-7-6 
  New Zealand holiday arrivals hit new record更多>>
6 million yuan in bribes and abuse of power. 2019-8-27 
Yuanyang terraced fields, which are like the images of horses to some, at nightfall in Kunming, Southwest Chinas Yunnan province on Jan 25, 2013. 2018-4-16 
[Photo/VCG]As a tech reporter, I am immersed in WeChat every day-its definitely growing into a super all-in-one app that you cannot afford to stay away from: Hailing taxis, booking movie tickets, reading news posts. 2015-1-20 
6 degrees north latitude and 116. 2018-1-3 
[Photo/Icpress]MELBOURNE - The cabin door opened when the green light was flashing, Liu Kang moved forward to sit at the edge of the door with his tandem master. 2016-5-15 
She said that her friends also like to dance to songs by US pop singers such as Lady Gaga and Beyonce. 2018-6-20 
Liu Kegeng / China News ServiceThey can be big or small, with pedigrees or mutts, fluffy or scrubby, brisk or timid. 2018-5-13 
Nationwide, roughly 1 million Chinese patients need bone marrow transplants each year, but so far, fewer than 800 have secured one through the program, said Liu Weixin, deputy director. 2015-12-12 
COVID-19 pandemic exposes painful truth in US: Whos the most vulnerable?更多
Investigation team set up to look into forest fire accident in SW China更多
  There may be different brands and prices, and the items differ for various age groups, but a standard set usually contains intelligent bricks or blocks with computerized sensors, remote controller and an explanation booklet. Jiang was chair of the board of China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) before working for the state-assets commission. Li said the court might have based the sentences on the fact that the 12 defendants were underage when they committed the crimes. One source familiar with US inquiries said the pilots were being studied because of the technical knowledge needed to disable the aircrafts communications systems. I left my dog with my father, jumped on a flight, and there I was, in London, UK.
  In the next few years, Longjiang Airlines also plans to start international flights to the Far East area of Russia, to further expand tourism and freight transport between China and Russia. The emergency decree gives security agencies the power to impose curfews, detain suspects without charge, censor media, ban political gatherings of more than five people and declare parts of the capital off-limits. 9 percent and Februarys 0. He said it is hard to predict Crimeas future.